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With a free petition platform, MoveOn fertilizes grassroots organizing


Welcome to Take Action Tuesday! sent me an email saying, Will you start a petition to turn vacant office buildings into affordable housing?  Since this is a housing solution VERY CLOSE to my heart, I read the email.  


@MoveOn is providing a great public service to organizers, and potential organizers, with their free petition platform!  It’s easy to use, and gently helps you make choices that will help the petition get the attention it deserves.  For smaller groups that can’t afford a fancy database/email program, and people who are just fed up and ready to DO SOMETHING NOW, this could be a game changer.


They point out that right now, nearly 1 billion square feet of office space is sitting vacant in the United States.  Billionaires own an average 9 homes each, and meanwhile, the cost of housing for the rest of us is through the roof.  In New York, nearly 80 office buildings have been already been repurposed into housing.  Why not in your town, they ask?  And they help make it happen.

Thank you, MoveOn. Great idea, and thanks for investing in grassroots organizing.




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