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About Me



I am passionate about making America a better place, through a systemic, strategic, long-term approach to building power to execute a progressive agenda, especially in the electoral arena.   

My experience in both political organizing and leadership, and in the business world with many years in media and communications, drive my passion for social justice and for winning.

I found my passion for strategic planning when I served on the board of a Chicago theater company called Roadworks in the 1990’s.  I worked on my first strategic plan there. One of my fellow board members, a management consultant, remarked that I "had a knack" for it.


Ralph Nader’s anti-corporate message inspired me to join the Green Party (2002-16), including four years in national leadership, where I led strategic planning, website and brand identity projects.  

From 2006-2023, I was the strategic campaign researcher (now retired) at the Writers Guild of America, East.

I’ve also been involved in organizing around electoral reform and media regulation issues.

I have traveled all over the country, from small towns to big cities, and lived for a long time in Chicago and NYC.  I grew up in Wisconsin and recently moved back to Milwaukee.

More details on my background and achievements, and writing samples can be found here:

I look forward to connecting with you.

Karen Young

Build Power-Show Power mural in Milwaukee.

Mural by Chris Burke, North and Holton, Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Karen Young


My mission is to influence American progressive political activity to focus on building power, by using strategic analysis to highlight approaches that are working, critique approaches that aren’t working, and celebrate the victories of those doing creative and effective work.


My vision is a progressive movement that connects with a large, broad, multi-racial group of Americans across urban, suburban and rural areas, leverages that connection into escalating electoral and policy victories, and creates a more just, sustainable, innovative and collaborative society for all.

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