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VoteVets 1, Tuberville 0: Message Monday

Updated: Dec 31

You may have heard how former Crimson Tide Coach Tommy Tuberville (now a Senator from Alabama) has been holding up hundreds of confirmations of military leaders. This includes the top leaders of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well as the Joint Chiefs. With this move, he is trying to force the military into an abortion ban for service members everywhere.

You may have heard how recently, the Senate has started confirming the top leaders individually, which they can do without Coach.

What you may not have heard is how VoteVets put pressure on everyone involved to break the logjam. They created an extremely hard-hitting ad, Tight Lips Could Sink Ships, in the style of a WWII newsreel, and put it on TV. It focused on how dangerous it is for us to have a dysfunctional military at this moment, and called on Senate minority leader McConnell to rein Coach in. Of course, VoteVets also took other actions including bringing vets to DC to meet with their representatives. The ad went up on Fox News the day before the Senate took action. Coincidence? I think not. This is how you light a fire under people.

Update: The Senate has overcome Tuberville's holds (for the most part). He got nothing. Congratulations VoteVets!

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