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USCPR sends powerful message on better uses for our tax dollars


Welcome to Message Monday!


I got a great email recently from USCPR (US Campaign for Palestinian Rights). I am a supporter of theirs.  They focused on how our government chooses to spend our tax dollars – and how that money could be better spent close to home.


Every year, the US government writes Israel a blank check for at least $3.8 billion to kill and oppress Palestinian families. This year, the U.S. sent an additional $14 BILLION along with countless weapons shipments.


USCPR set up an interactive website called Not My Tax Dollars.  Here, you can select your city or state.  It will show you how many of your tax dollars went to support Israel (methodology is here, it’s very simple) – and what your city or state could have done with that money instead.


For example, Milwaukee’s share of Israel spending was about $8 billion.  That could have paid for a year of public housing for almost a thousand families; free or low-cost health care for nearly 3,000 children; and debt relief for more than 200 students, among other things.


Then they make it easy for you to share this info on social media, call your representatives, or donate for Palestinian liberation!  So easy.  Congratulations on a well-designed and powerful message.



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