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UAW leads progressives to think big – as in a general strike

 Welcome to Take Action Tuesday!


The new UAW, more than any other organization on the left, THINKS BIG.  They swing for the fences.  We need this if we’re ever going to build the power to change the world. 


Today, on May Day, they released a video about something I believe they’ve hinted about before, but not totally committed to.  It’s something we’ve rarely done in this country, but that has played a big role in revolutionary moments in other countries. Here we have to turn to Teen Vogue to explain the general strike.  Since Kim Kelly got involved with the magazine some years ago, it has been a go-to source for extremely radical information.


In brief, “a general strike is a labor action in which a significant amount of workers from a number of different industries who comprise a majority of the total labor force within a particular city, region, or country come together to take collective action.”


So the UAW has called for a general strike in the United States to take place on May Day, 2028, four years from now.  Fain’s idea is that unions can plan now to line up their contracts so that they all expire on the same day. Non-union workers could just call a wildcat strike to come along.



Really gives you something to look forward to!  And I don’t think they’re joking!






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