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Two pieces of good news – and one warning – about Texas

Updated: Jan 14

Welcome to Take Action Tuesday!


I’ve been a big fan of Beto O’Rourke since I saw the 2019 HBO documentary Running With Beto. This was about his 2018 campaign to unseat Senator Ted “Cancun” Cruz, which he lost by only two points. So I support his new organization, Powered By People.


First piece of good news: early in December, I heard from them that “Over 13 thousand volunteers joined our 2024 Volunteer Kickoff tonight! Folks from every part of Texas and over a dozen other states signed up to do the tough work that’s necessary to help Democrats win up and down the ballot in Texas.”  This includes defeating Mr. Cancun, who is up for reelection and considered one of the most vulnerable GOP Senators.


Second piece of good news, from Yahoo News:  A coalition of fifty-one (51) Texas businesses have signed on to support a lawsuit against the Texas abortion ban.  Their main issue is that the ban hurts their ability to recruit workers.  The effort is led by Whitney Wolfe Herd of dating site Bumble.  Their research shows that “nearly half of young women in nine battleground states are considering or making plans to move to a state with ‘comprehensive protections’ for reproductive health care, and nearly two-thirds of college educated workers nationwide would not consider a job in a state with abortion restrictions.”  Other sponsors include leading ad firm GSD&M and SXSW.  TX, of course, touts itself as business-friendly.


Now, the warning from redistricting guru Jeffrey Wice. He’s looking ahead to the potential results of the next redistricting cycle in 2030.  His prediction, based on recently released Census data, is that TX will gain four seats in the House – and CA/NY/IL will lose nine – in 2030.  Progressives can’t afford to ignore the battles going on right now in places like Texas. 

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