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Summer Lee crushed her primary AND built lasting progressive power

Welcome to Winning Wednesday!

In a recent email, the woman above with the million-dollar smile, Rep. Summer Lee (PA-12),  hailed her supporters (I’m one), for everything they’d done to bring home the primary victory, point by point.  She won this seat only in 2022, and there was a big target on her back.  No matter.  Some highlights:

  • We didn’t just squeak through by one or two points, we crushed it by more than 20 points! We blew the roof off the damn thing!

  • Over 76% of every dollar you contributed was invested directly into reaching voters. You helped us connect with voters in every single corner of our district.

  • Whether you’re right here in PA or supporting Summer from afar, your belief in our mission has been nothing short of inspiring. Your support makes our fight possible, every single day.

  • We flipped deep-red Westmoreland County big time (where we lost by 20 points in 2022) and dominated in key [Pittsburgh] suburbs. We won more conservative areas like Bethel Park and even triumphed in Upper St. Clair! Out of 62 municipalities, we carried an astounding 44 of them! 

When you put up a progressive candidate like Summer Lee, who is the real deal, this is what can happen.  You can win a county where you lost by 20 points two years ago – even a “red” one.   You can win a place like Upper St. Clair, a suburb that is about 90% white, and that voted for Trump in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012 (Biden carried it in 2020). 

She won over her new constituents by not only bringing home $1 billion in Federal dollars, but by attending to local issues, like getting Federal money delivered early to save a homeless shelter that was in financial trouble.  Read all about it here.

She is the kind of Representative that can turn out people who usually don’t vote, because they can see she is truly working for them.  This is how we build a bigger “we,” how we expand our power so we can do more for people.  Congratulations, Summer Lee!




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