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Starbucks union workers get a slew of new benefits 

Welcome to Winning Wednesday!


As you know, Starbucks Workers United recently won a huge victory when the company agreed to sit down and negotiate with them.  Many employers fighting unions will award new benefits to non-union workers only, trying to dissuade employees from supporting the union. Starbucks was one of these companies.


But now they’ve had their change of heart, Starbucks announced today a rollout of a slew of benefits to union workers over the next couple of months.  Workers have fought for this for a long time and now it’s here.  There is power in a union!! 


Here's just a few highlights:


  • Pay increases up to 5% for 2-5 years of service, up to 7% for 5+ years (awarded to non union workers in summer 2022)

  • Receive credit card and digital tips in their paychecks

  • Wear the extended dress code including jeggings, white shoes, and additional colors in the approved palette





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