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Sen. Tammy Baldwin "fought like hell" for workers

Welcome to Message Monday!

Tammy Baldwin, our Democratic Senator from Wisconsin, is one of the good ones.  She is up for re-election this year. She was first elected in 2012 and won re-election in 2018 with 55%.  She is popular, but up against a GOP millionaire, you never know.   

So I was glad to see a new TV commercial for her that actually talks about something that really matters, that will reach people on an emotional level.  This is the third commercial from her, and by far the best.  Hope she keeps showing how she truly works for the people.

It highlights Baldwin’s efforts to ward off significant cuts to the pensions of more than 22,000 Wisconsin workers and retirees.  It features Teamsters truck drivers and their families touting Baldwin's work on the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act. In the ad, several share stories of receiving letters informing them their pensions would be cut in half

Baldwin "fought like hell" to pass the measure, one truck driver in the ad says.  "What Tammy Baldwin did for our families, you don’t forget something like that," another says.  She was a co-sponsor in the Senate.

The ad comes as Baldwin travels the state on a weeklong "Dairyland Tour." According to her campaign, the trek will take her to 19 counties.

Here’s the ad:


They don’t go into the details in the ad, but these Teamsters fought for seven years to save their pensions and preserve the Central States Pension Fund, a multi-employer pension fund for 1.3 million retired Teamsters, 23,500 of whom live in Wisconsin. 

The Butch Lewis Act was included in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan in 2021.  It created a new agency that would loan multi-employer pensions money at a low interest rate, to shore up their finances and avert pension crises that could reduce payments to more than 10 million retired Americans in underfunded pension plans. The pension funds would repay the loans over time.

Back in 2019, as this fight was going on, the Congressional Budget Office reported that as many as 300 multi-employer pension plans are in critical condition and another 80 are "critical and declining," meaning they have a serious chance of not being able to pay out benefits in the near future.   So this act will save, not only the Wisconsin Teamsters, but MILLIONS of other retirees in this country. 

Thank you, TAMMY!

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