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Ranked Choice Voting in Michigan - Take Action Tuesday

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), in my view, is the election reform that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Right now is the best time for you to help RCV become law in Michigan!

RCV ensures the winning candidate has majority support (more than 50%), and that similar candidates don’t split the vote or “spoil” the election. Instead of picking just one candidate, RCV allows you to rank any or even all the candidates on your ballot — ensuring every vote matters. Currently, according to national election reform group FairVote, 51 jurisdictions in the US use RCV, including NYC and every region of the country.

Michigan endured tremendous harm from Republican leadership for some time, but Democrats took over the state house and most top offices in 2022, with some good strategic work on their part, and MAGA Republicans’ implosion, coming together. Michigan has managed to create a good redistricting commission, and going after RCV when they are at peak strength makes a lot of sense.

RCV will be on the ballot in Kalamazoo, East Lansing, and Royal Oak (suburban Detroit) this November. The campaign is called RankMIVote.

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