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New Biden ad works using climate policy wins


Welcome to Message Monday!


I was deep in an article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website, about USA Today choosing one of our restaurants, Odd Duck, as one of their Best Restaurants of the Year.  Then I happened to spy an ad for Joe Biden.  The headline reads, “Biden’s Clean Energy plan is creating a Green Future.”*


Intrigued, I clicked on Learn More.  So far, the ad has done its job!


On top, a summary of a key pitch:  “Inflation Reduction Act puts $60B focus on a Biden priority: environmental justice.” 


It takes me a moment to figure out that the blocks of text below are summaries of relevant articles from various news channels.  I’m very pleased by what I see:   “Underserved communities benefiting most from Biden climate law,” “Biden Administration Toughens Limits on Deadly Air Pollution,” “Biden EPA launches landmark push to curb ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water” (there’s much more).


These are the things that Biden doesn’t get credit for, but should.  And it’s SO nice to see an ad actually focused on policy that matters!  Anyone interested enough to click on the ad will definitely leave feeling more impressed by Biden's achievements.  It’s well done and well targeted to voters who may not know much about climate, as well as people of color, young voters and climate activists. 


Thumbs up!


*The ad above is a version of the original.  I made it into a square from a rectangle, and deleted a photo.  My apologies to the designers, but I had to make it fit here.  It was paid for by Priorities USA and the League of Conservation Voters.


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