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Key renewable-energy battle on: #StopDeepSeaMining

Welcome to Take Action Tuesday!


We’ve talked about how mining for certain key minerals like lithium is a critical part of the renewable energy plan.  We need lots more of these minerals to create the bigger, stronger batteries needed for electric vehicles.  We have them here in the US, and they’re in other countries around the world as well. 


Also:  they’re in the ocean floor.  Mining them there would be devastating to our planet. Yet an international authority is thinking about opening the floodgates, as it were, and letting people start deep-sea mining AS EARLY AS JULY.   Greenpeace and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition say:  Ready, set, STOP.  They’ve gotten 27 countries, including Canada, Mexico and most of our European allies, to sign on to say NO to deep sea mining. 


Biden can stop it.  He can say no mining in US waters, and tell our delegation to say no.



I’ll let Greenpeace tell you more below.


Ready, set, STOP!.... The race to stop deep sea mining before it begins is on.


The International Seabed Authority is resuming discussions on how to open our global oceans to deep sea mining. Despite growing resistance from scientists, civil society, and 27 countries, governments will discuss whether to fast-track rules to allow mining in the oceans to start as early as July!


The destruction of the ocean floor for earth minerals will be devastating to our planet. The deep sea is a rare and unique ecosystem — home to many newly discovered species and a driver of critical natural cycles that make our planet livable.


That's why we can't let our government give the green light to greedy, immoral mining companies set to destroy the ocean floor for profit!


President Biden has the power to stop deep sea mining before it starts – First, he can and must sign an executive order to ban deep sea mining from US waters. Second, it's crucial he direct the US delegation to the International Seabed Authority to take the position of a global moratorium on deep sea mining.


This is a once in a generation opportunity: to stop another extractive industry from damaging the global oceans the way the fossil fuel companies have done to the climate.


Let's shut this industry down before it starts! Act Now: Tell the Biden Administration to ban deep sea mining Now!





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