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Florida Rising: abortion AND marijuana will be on the ballot

Updated: Apr 6

Welcome to Winning Wednesday!


The national Democratic Party may have written Florida off, but the Sunshine State didn’t get the memo.   Activists there have pulled off a twofer: both abortion rights AND marijuana legalization will be on the ballot in November!


Marijuana Legalization

You can’t go wrong when you have the Bellamy Brothers, who created the 1976 pop/country hit song Let Your Love Flow, on your side.


Statement from the Bellamy Brothers, who chair the Smart & Safe Florida campaign:


“We are thrilled to see that the Florida Supreme Court rightfully granted the people the right to vote on allowing adults to purchase and consume cannabis products safely and legally.  As we tour across the United States, we recognize that most Americans already enjoy this right in their respective states, and we are glad to see Floridians will soon be able to make this decision for themselves at the ballot box in November.”


A separate court case allowed a six-week abortion ban to go into effect, which I think will only help the pro-abortion forces come fall, after who knows how many women and girls will have suffered or even died because of the ban.

Both of these initiatives will bring in voters from across the political spectrum.  Though Arkansas and the Dakotas failed to pass marijuana in 2022, it has support from two-thirds of voters in Florida.


A high turnout this fall can mean only good things for Florida and the progressive movement there.  Congratulations!!


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