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Billboards send a message bigly

Welcome to Message Monday!


 One of my favorite media is billboards.  Actually “outdoor/out-of-home media,” as it’s known in the biz, because it involves things beyond billboards, such as advertising on buses or bus shelters.  Especially in today’s world, the outdoor ad is the rare example of how to reach people outside their political bubbles.


A New York advocacy group,  Empire State Voices, showed how it’s done last weekend.  Our esteemed Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, was visiting New York to drum up support for GOP House members.  NY Dems’ idiocy cost the Democrats 5 seats and the House in 2022, but many of those GOP seats are quite vulnerable to Dems this time around. 


According to Politico, Empire State Voices sent a box truck with mobile billboards of Mark Molinaro (NY-19) and Brandon Williams (NY-22), each photoshopped next to an image of the speaker, hoping to shame the Republicans for their support of bills that gut IRS funding and enable what the ads referred to as “rich tax cheats.” The truck appeared at both candidates’ fundraisers and outside their district offices.


One thing people often get wrong with billboards is making the message too long.  It has to be EXTREMELY short and sweet to make an impact on a passing driver.  This billboard fits the bill!  Here’s hoping a lot of people pulling together like this in New York will bring the House home come November.



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